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Lacouir D. Yancey (Bboy Spirit), founders of the (Soul Hydraulics crew) of Madison WI is a Licensed Tuina manual and bodywork therapist, ACE certified personal trainer, Biomechanics method corrective exercise and Movement Specialist, Youth Fitness Specialist, Breakdance, Capoeira and Martial movement instructor. Owner of Ymassage Bodywork & Natural Fitness practice and clinic since 2004. Instructor at the East West Healing Arts Institute since 2008, teaching acupressure point Location, Tuina aka (Chinese Medical massage), sports massage, TaiChi Qigong and mindfulness movement practices.

Lacouir’s movement background started in the early 80’s in Shreveport Louisiana where he learned gung fu “southern style praying mantis”. Lacouir being influenced by this very physically demanding style of martial art led him to learn how to have great control over his body. Shortly thereafter he and his brothers became greatly influenced by the style of dance at that time which was lockin, poppin, and breakin. The year was 1982 and Michael Jackson’s “OFF The WALL” album was still on fire from 1979. Though his two oldest brothers Timothy and Keith at that time were more into the lockin, poppin and mimicking Michael Lacouir and his third older brother Theodore’s interest drifted towards Bboying. He began learning the foundations from his nephew Isaac then soon picked up on different moves and other styles on his own. He eventually got into acrobatics and learned how to do his first flip-flop from his second oldest brother. This tumbled into Lacouir receiving an All American Award in gymnast on floor exercise and more National rankings in high school on other events such as vault and even high bar. He later found Capoeira which he has been training for the past twenty plus years, the last twelve to fifteen years have been focused on Capoeira Angola. Lacouir blends a multitude of movement arts into a dance and exercise art form he calls “Freedom Movement Therapy.” Lacouir has been a guest performer with the Peggy Choy dance company for the past ten years. He has been involved, helped organize, choreograph and perform in various cities around the Midwest and East Coast! 

Lacouir is a graduate of East West Healing Arts Institute. In his practice of fifteen plus years, he has partnered with Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers and coaches providing movement skills and techniques, Chinese Medical and Sports Massage to a variety of individuals ranging from medical professionals to athletes. He continues to provide many hours of service doing workplace wellness companies local sporting, community centers, school and charity events. He is a skilled practitioner that utilizes a multidisciplinary treatment program.

Lacouir’s background includes certification and training in Chinese Medical massage (Tuina), Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Orthopedic and Sports massage. He also has training in Natural Exercise utilizing bodyweight, resistance bands, medicine balls, martial arts, gymnastics, and urban dance. His specialties are working with individuals suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Low back pain, Fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis,  Post-Surgery and Injury recovery and Sports-related Injuries. Lacouir combines Bodywork, Natural Exercise, Diet and Nutrition to help assist clients experience a stress and pain-free life.

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