Natural Fitness

NatFit-webFrameNatural Fitness training, also known as functional training, utilizes and explores the natural kinesthetic movements of the human body. Functional exercise is most commonly used to help improve sports performance. It can also assist with bringing awareness to the repetitive strain patterns that can cause chronic pain and tension, for example, working a desk job for hours on end, construction jobs, dentistry, and a multitude of others.

Polymovement exercise program:
PM is a multi-movement art discipline. A PM session incorporates various aspects of martial arts, gymnastics, dance, and natural exercises that help create more body awareness, build strength, gain agility and improve balance. This workout is an excellent way to burn calories and improve the overall function of your body using all natural movements/exercises with playful intentions.

1 on 1 personal training:
During a private or semi-private session, LaCouir assesses your current fitness level and designs a program that will help you achieve the new fitness level you desire. This includes Fitness Consultation, Fitness Assessment, and Program Design.

Small group fitness class:
Small group fitness sessions are designed for 6 to 8 people. This class utilizes a Polymovement workout, (see description), lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. Classes will offer progressions so that beginners and advanced level students can all benefit.

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“I reached a part in my exercise regiment where I had plateaued physically and was bored mentally in going to the gym. Meeting with Lacouir helped me to have fun again with working out and be engaged mentally. Lacouir has an amazing way of meeting people where they are at and creating a workout program to help them reach their goals. His expertise in a variety of movement and workout methods give him a superstar knowledge base available at a reasonable cost. If you are looking for a way to engage yourself mentally and have fun while seeing big gains as I have, I highly recommend you check out Lacouir and Y-Massage!” -Roberto Rivera

“My personal fitness goals always seemed a bit over the top and daunting.  Almost, like I could never really achieve them, or stick to them. Natural Fitness has helped me break my goals down.  Given me a healthy road map.  I now see a more realistic picture and I am meeting smaller goals to achieve my bigger goals. Lacouir has a brilliant working sense of the body, which makes my workouts more effective and worth the time.  I feel his approach is more about quality and less about quantity.  I can go in for a session and know my needs were met safely and effectively.” -Alicia Wright