TuiNa Integrative Sports Therapy (TIST)

This service is great for anyone involved in regular exercise or sports-related activities looking to increase performance or decrease pain. This type of massage utilizes multidisciplinary techniques such as active and passive stretching, trigger and pressure points, myofascial and positional release, and postural and gate analysis. Lacouir combines eastern and western philosophies (see TuiNa & acupressure definitions) to make this a very unique experience. This massage is typically performed lying on a traditional soft massage table though it can be done on a floor mat, sitting in a chair or standing. Each massage is individually tailored for your specific sport or activity to increase your performance and manage pain due to injuries or repetitive strain patterns. Benefits of sports massage are increased range of motion, flexibility, and energy, decreased aches and pains, improved structural balance, increased performance and an overall sense of wellbeing. The TISM massage is an excellent option to pair with the one on one personal or group training sessions.